Automate Marketing

Manual Marketing

Tired Of Manual Marketing?

We are sure you are tired of manual marketing so far which consumes big part of your quality time.

Marketing Automation

Is There A Solution For This Menace?

You are just wondering in this AI age if there is a tool which can automate the whole marketing process.

Marketing Outsourcing

Outsourcing Marketing Is Very Expensive

Outsourcing options for Marketing are simply too expensive and not sustainable in the long run.

Affordable Automation

Now Automating Marketing Is Available At Your Budget

For the first time we are going to automate your marketing campaigns at your budget withour compromising on the quality.

Rake Up Sales

Boost Your Sales Now

Boost your sales now without spending huge for advertising campaigns.

Automated Search and Email

Automate Google Search And Email Campaigns

All you have to do is just search for your industry keywords on Google and automatically blast your emails to the search results. You create a marketing campaign with some keywords and your marketing email message.

The marketing campaign will auto fetch the search results and blast your email message to all the emails found on the search results websites. All you need to do is just sit back and relax till the campaign is over and you will start getting replies from your clients.


Search For Industry Keywords

Blast Your Marketing Email.

Boost Your Sales.
If you are looking to automate marketing, please


Jordan MunsonUnited States

"I have set my marketing campaign to auto pilot and now i only count my sales and not my hours spent on marketing."


"Tools like this should have been there for a long time since the very first programming was introduced, better be late than never. I am now relieved from marketing jobs."


"You can fire your marketing guys and this tool will take care of 10 marketeers jobs with a fraction of the cost."

It's time to relook into your marketing strategy with the help of this automation tool.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do i search for a keyword?

You just create a new campaign and set multiple keywords of your choice. After the payment, the campaign will auto run.

Which search engine will be used?

We will use the Google search engine to run the searches.

How do i enter the marketing message?

You can enter the marketing message with attachments on the same campaign and the message will be sent to all the search results websites.

Should the website be open till the campaign is over?

No you can shutdown your machine and you will get a notification from us once the campaign is over.