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An Easy Way To Promote Website for Internet Advertising

You have come to the best place on internet for website advertising and marketing. Everyday millions of users around the world are looking for Alternative Search Engines to advertise their business. Knowing this we have created this powerful website for anyone to search multiple search engines in a single click! What's more, using our free text links you can now promote your website free for life! You just need to add a new listing with some keywords into our 2 million over database of websites and your website will be shown for the keywords searched by the visitors. Unlike other search engines, your website will be rotated to be shown at the top of search results each time a search is made.

Here is how it works:

  • You register your website/ad on this site with one or more keywords and it will be displayed at the bottom of all the listings registered for those particular keywords.

  • Each time a keyword is searched, your listing will move one step upwards within all the listings registered for that particular keyword.

  • Gradually your listing will inch upwards until it reaches top of the listings.

  • After your listing reach the top position, it will go to the last position where it started for the next search on that keyword and move upwards in the same way.

  • This rotation will go on indefinitely and your listing will appear at the top of the search results multiple times depending on the total searches made on that keyword.

  • This ensures an equal opportunity for all the webmasters to introduce their products to the world no matter whether they have enough funds to advertise or not.

Here is a worked out example:

Keyword: Shoes
Total listings already registered for this keyword: 9

When you add your listing for this keyword, it will be displayed at the 10th position first.

Now here is how your listing will move upwards each time a surfer searches for the keyword “Shoes”:

Search No Your listing position
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1

On the 10th search for the keyword “Shoes”, your listing will be listed at the top of all the search results. Furthermore, even before your listing reaches the top position you also enjoy the second, third and fourth positions which are also quite noticeable.

This means that if there are 1000 searches made on the keyword “Shoes” your listing can appear at the top of the search for 100 times (1000/10). This is guaranteed.

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