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You have come to the best place on internet for website advertising and marketing. Everyday millions of users around the world are looking for Alternative Search Engines to advertise their business. Knowing this we have created this powerful website for anyone to advertise their business at an affordable cost.

You just need to add a new listing with some keywords into our 2 million over database of websites and your website will be shown for the keywords searched by the visitors. Unlike other search engines, your website will be rotated to be shown at the top of search results each time a search is made.


Minimum monthly subscription fee is US$20 to advertise your website on the right hand side of our homepage.

You can top up your subscription fee at anytime to improve the display rank of your website and the highest paying website will be shown first and then followed by the rest.

No CPC and CPM charges.

How The Search Results Work

During search results display, your site will move up in the search results for each search of the same keyword.

You register your website/ad on this site with one or more keywords and it will be displayed at the bottom of all the listings registered for those particular keywords.


Each time a keyword is searched, your listing will move one step upwards within all the listings registered for that particular keyword.


Gradually your listing will inch upwards until it reaches top of the listings


After your listing reach the top position, it will go to the last position where it started for the next search on that keyword and move upwards in the same way.


This rotation will go on indefinitely and your listing will appear at the top of the search results multiple times depending on the total searches made on that keyword.


This ensures an equal opportunity for all the webmasters to introduce their products to the world no matter whether they have enough funds to advertise or not.

Here is a worked out example

Keyword: ShoesTotal listings already registered for this keyword: 9

When you add your listing for this keyword, it will be displayed at the 10th position first.

Now here is how your listing will move upwards each time a surfer searches for the keyword “Shoes”:

Search No Your listing position
1 10
2 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 3
9 2
10 1

On the 10th search for the keyword “Shoes”, your listing will be listed at the top of all the search results. Furthermore, even before your listing reaches the top position you also enjoy the second, third and fourth positions which are also quite noticeable.

This means that if there are 1000 searches made on the keyword “Shoes” your listing can appear at the top of the search for 100 times (1000/10). This is guaranteed.

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Jordan MunsonWista

"We experienced signficant traffic improvements in just weeks after advertising on Adspuppy. This is the new way to advertise your site without spending on SEO."


"SEO is dead long back and even if you spend on SEO, the effects are only short lived and the ROI is finally a zero sum game but Adspuppy is different, they take your site to many channels where you can get new customers with a fraction of cost."


"Adspuppy is a new kid on the block and you should try it at least for the first month. We did it and ever since we did not look back."

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Adspuppy help small business owners succeed?

Adspuppy offers more than just a platform to market your website, we offer everything you need to create an effective, memorable online presence. Already have a site? We offer marketing plans that will grow your business online. Our marketing professionals take your site to many different channels and our online marketing tools empower entrepreneurs to get online without SEO. Adspuppy] is an all-in-one solution provider to get your idea online, backed with expert, personalized support from Adspuppy Guides.

Why do I need marketing for my business?

Even small local businesses that only serve their hometown need an online marketing plan. That's because the web is the first place people go when looking for a product or service. A website helps every business:

  • Promote and sell their products and services
  • Connect with new customers (and keep existing customers)/li>
  • Build credibility
  • Compete with bigger businesses
  • Control their brand and keep their marketing fresh and current

Best of all, a website is much easier and more affordable than you might think. Adspuppy offers a complete selection of online marketing tools for marketing websites, along with social media virality to grow their business on the web.

Why switch to Adspuppy?

There are a lot of reasons to switch from your SEO marketing to a non-SEO based marketing, but here are the top 3:

  • SEO is very competitive and Adspuppy marketing is cost effective
  • SEO does not last long but your listing with us is kept for life long
  • Non-SEO marketing is the future with the arrival of AI chat bots

Why use Adspuppy marketing plan?

Because it does not charge CPC or CPM costs for marketing. Just one cost is good enough to advertise your business for all the keywords you choose